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Yoga Synergy 正式指導者 Level 3

Yoga Synergy Online Course

【Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga】 【Advanced Yoga Fundamentals】

【Yoga Therapy】修了


Asana Anatomical Approach1・2修了




I started practicing simple Hatha Yoga in order to stay fit and healthy. But as I kept studying further, I started to discover its incredible techniques to gain body elasticity, muscle toning, healthy organs, and above all to direct consciousness into inner-self, which is easy to be forgotten in this technology-driven, mind-oriented modern world. 

“Inner-self” is not only our mind but our whole body and internal, external movement performed consciously and unconsciously; spinal posture, inner muscle activation, breathing, digesting, heart-beating, walking and every other things. A journey to inner-self can often be harder than external one because it is a journey to unconscious, but it surely can be most fun and rewarding in self-transformation!



I have been lucky enough to receive teachings from great teachers such as Naoto Nakamura, Simon Borg-Oliver and Bianca Machliss, all of whom are experienced yoga teachers as well as physiotherapists. Following their teachings and path, my aim in teaching Hatha Yoga is to enable our modern bodies often made inflexible and stiff through modern life styles to receive physical and physiological benefits from Yoga in the most effective and safest way. 


 Ideal Yoga practice creates:

•Joint flexibility without painful stretch.

•Muslce strength without too much tension.

•More oxygen into blood and energy circulation without feeling short of breath and stressing the heart. 

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